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Iowa Public Television IPTV Show Series - Iowa Ingredients features Chef Gaby: 

Throwing a large holiday gathering? Personal chef Gaby Weir gives some insights into cooking for large groups and hosting holiday parties.

Iowa Ingredient Segment Two

Chef Gaby Weir shares her expertise with Charity in this very special holiday cooking segment. Learn how to make delicious appetizers, a delightful soup, and a cocktail that is sure to impress your guests.

Instead of featuring a restaurant, “Iowa Ingredient” features an Iowa City holiday party, run by personal chef and caterer Gaby Weir. Herbold met Weir, owner of Chef Gaby, during the 2012 Culinary Ride in Iowa City. “When we met her, she was standing in a field with a machete,” Herbold says. “She was cutting down weeds to make a seating area for bikers to sit and eat. You can’t really miss a chef with a machete.”

The Gazzette 

"I feel like my purpose in life is to offer others what I offer myself," says Weir. "Healthy and tasty meals from scratch."

Radish Magazine

“I’ve been working with food since I was 12 years old—culinary arts is my calling,” said Gabriela “Gaby” Weir, a 2010 Kirkwood Community College graduate who now lives near Iowa City.

Iowa Magazine 

On the Table: Personal Chef – How a Middle-Class Working Mother Splurges

"I asked around and stumbled across Chef Gaby Weir who came highly recommended by fans of her “Clandestine Epicurean” dinner events staged in unconventional locations, and her personal chef business which offers made-to-order meal packages, cooking lessons, and private events."

Little Village Magazine

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