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Meal Prep & Personal Shopping

Customized Meal Prep for your Busy Week

By Appointment 

The goal is to fill your fridge with lots of prepared meals for your busy week. Meals are prepared by appointment in your own home on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Menus are created to match your specific dietary needs. A 30 minute consultation, prior to starting the service, is essential in order to give me the tools to create your perfect menu, get a tour of your kitchen and create a plan. 


The menu for each visit may consists of each of the following items, based on your own needs: 

Three Full Entrees 

A Hearty Soup

A Salad with Homemade Dressing

Fresh Fruit or Dessert


You may choose for portions ranging from 2-8 for each dish I prepare for you. During a typical visit you may receive up to 24 total portions for a family of 4, or 12 for a single person. 

Cost of groceries is NOT included. Cost of groceries vary depending on food choices and dietary needs. 

Flat rate| + Cost of Groceries. Schedule a consultation for more details.

Private Cooking Classes with Kids

After spending 3 years working as the "Lunch Lady" at a Private Montessori School in Columbia MO, I learned I had a hidden passion for working with kids. I love teaching kids to become competent cooks. I created an innovating, fresh-forward Food Program that involved the full cycle of food: gardening, shopping local, preparing foods from scratch, learning to eat the rainbow, and being responsible for our waste by learning to compost food scraps and other materials around the house. The goal of this service is to spend time one-on-one with children in their own kitchens, their comfort zones, and to help them be more self-sufficient and independent. 

Each lesson is tailored for the individual child. In general it includes: 

Kitchen Safety Standards

Personal Hygiene 

Organizational skills

Food Prep 

Menu Planning

Table Set Up

Clean up: washing dishes by hand, wiping counters, sweeping, moping. The whole thing!

Give me a call or shoot me a message to discuss how I may help your child. 

Hourly rate + Cost of Ingredients.

Dinner Parties & Private Functions

A unique experience tailored for your special event. A dinner party allows you to be a guest to your own party. I take care of every detail. 

Buffet or Multi-Course services available for 2 - 20 guests 

Flat Rate + Cost of Groceries

Boutique Catering & Private Functions

The Boutique Catering Services provide unique food options for your special event for up to 100 guests. 

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