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Initial Consultation

It all starts with a quick 20-30 minute in-home consultation to discuss dietary needs and detailed logistics. This is the time where you give me a tour of your kitchen and set a date for the cooking service. 

First Cook Date

Once we have a date set for cooking, and you've approved your special menu, I will: 

  1. Go grocery shopping for the freshest ingredients possible the same day

  2. Arrive with my knives, tools and special gadgets

  3. Carefully prepare all of the dishes, from scratch, in the safety of your own home

  4. Properly cool, package and label all of the dishes with hand-written instructions

  5. Finally, clean-up after myself! Leaving behind only the aromas of home-cooked meals

When you fall in love with the service, secure your next booking(s) right away! 

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