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"My goal is to bring people together in harmony. I firmly  believe that sitting around a table, sharing a meal, is the universal way of connecting with people. When we engage in the selection of the food we eat, we become conscious eaters and, before we know it, sitting around a table becomes our favorite time of the day. As a mother, I aim to give my daughter this gift. As a chef, I aim to give it to the world. One meal at a time."

Born in Venezuela, Gaby's culinary interest began when she was 12 and working in her mother's restaraunt. She attended Culinary Arts School at The Hotel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and participated in a Study Abroad Culinary course in Japan. Gaby's cuisine is an eclective reflection of her Venezuelan roots and her international travels. She has worked as a Personal/Private Chef exclusively for the last 5 years.  Managing a vast variety of dietary needs for each client, Gaby's cuisine has expanded to include Holistic Nutrition practices. Athletes on her client base benefit from Gaby's Paleo menus. Busy families benefit from her wholesome, made from scratch comfort-foods. Clients with medical conditions, such as Diabetes or Celiac Disease, benefit from her ability and experience in creating recipes that meet each dietary guideline. In addition, Gaby is passionate about sustainable cuisine practices and makes every effort to include local, organic, wholesome ingredients in the food she cooks as much as possible.

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Personal Chef Columbia, Missouri


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Columbia, Missouri

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Sample Menu

Bacon & Spinach Egg-Cups


Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Turkey Meatball Soup

With Spinach, Kale & Mushrooms


Honey & Chili Baked Chicken

with Steamed Cauliflower & Green Bean Salad


Cashew & Coconut Protein Balls

With Dark Chocolate Drizzle


Adobado Pork Shoulder & Sweet Potato Mash

Personal Chef
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4-6 Servings per Dish

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Dinner Parties

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Chef Gaby has a positive attitude, and her warm, cheerful personality made her a pleasant addition to our household.

Yvette K., KCMO


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Tel: 319-430-6555  |  Email:

Personal Chef Columbia, Missouri


Personal Chef Columbia Mo

Spiral Beet Carpaccio, Zucchini Noodle, Mango, Coconut Photo by Derek Blackman